Mercedes Benz U4000 Swb

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  • Model: U4000 Swb
    Engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 904 LA or OM 924 LA
    Output (Euro 5) kW (hp): 130 (177) or 160 (218)
    Max. torque (Nm): 675 or 810
    Transmission: MB fully synchronised transmission with 8 forward and 6 reverse gear
    Overview: With its unique off-road capabilities, the Unimog U 4000 is a compelling proposition. Key features include a flexible frame concept for high body rigidity on the road, enormous torsional flexibility for off-road applications, a superior AWD concept with differential locks at both axles, and portal axles to ensure high ground clearance
  • Model: OM 904 LA or OM 924 LA
    Type: 4-stroke diesel direct injection with turbocharger/intercooler
    No. of cylinders/arrangement: 4, in-line
    Displacement: 4,250cc or 4,800cc
    Max Power: 130kW or 160kW
    Max Torque: 675 Nm or 810 Nm
    Cooling System: Water with thermostat, 2 viscous fans with V-belt drive
    Diesel fuel tank: 145, with crewcab 160 Opt. 180
    AdBlue tank: 18L (only Euro 5)
  • Type: Single-plate dry clutch, self-adjusting
  • Model: MB full-synchromesh reversing transmission with 8 forward and 6 reverse gears
    Type: 8 forward and 6 reverse gears
    Rear-axle drive with pneumatically selectable all-wheel drive
    Telligent gearshift
    Cruise control/speed limiter
    Max. speed limiter 90 km/h
    EQR (Electronic Quick Reverse)
  • Type: Portal axles connected to the transmission with torque tubes
    Axle tube and differentials situated above wheel centre line, high ground clearance
    Standard-fit front/rear differential locks, all locks can be selected and deactivated electropneu-matically while in motion using a dog clutch (100 % locking factor)
    Standard fording capability up to 800 mm
    Opt. fording system up to 1,200 mm fording depth
    Opt. heat protection and mechanical protection for forest firefighting
    Opt. frame extension, body length up to 4,600 mm possible
  • Type: Braking system
    Pneumatic/hydraulic high-pressure braking system (18 bar)
    Disc brakes on all 4 wheels
    4-channel ABS, can be deactivated off-road
    Automatic load-sensitive brake pressure control (ALB)
    Compressed air connection for auxiliary loads
    Spring-loaded parking brake
    Tyre inflation connection
    Brake pad wear indicator
    Air dryer
  • Type: ZF Servocom hydraulic power steering, type 8095
    Opt. right-hand drive
    Turning circle Ø short wheelbase from 14.3 m
    Turning circle Ø long wheelbase from 16.2 m
  • Type & Size: 4 identical size tyres; single tyres
    Opt. low-pressure tyres with MPT/AS treads
    Standard tyres 335/80 R 20
    Smallest tyres 335/80 R 20
    Largest tyres 425/75 R 20
    Opt. tyre pressure control system (tirecontrol) to adjust the tyre pressure to on-road/off-road
  • Type: Opt. battery 2 x 12 V/100 Ah, or 125 Ah
    Opt. 24 V/25 A and 12 V/15 A outlets with C3 signals
    Opt. 24 V/40 A equipment socket, 24-pin with C3/C4 signals
  • Cabin Exterior:
    Opt. crewcab for 7 persons • Opt. hydraulic tilt cab
    Opt. heated windscreen • Opt. cab enlarged (120 mm higher) • Opt. round roof hatch • Opt. vertical exhaust
    Cabin Interior:
    Seats - Opt. driver and passenger seats as air-sprung luxury suspension seat • Opt. driver seat as luxury seat with seat heater, arm rest
    - Opt. passengers seat as two-seater version; provides 3 seats
    - All seats with 3-point seat belts and head restraints
    Air conditioning - Integral air conditioning system or roof-mounted air conditioning system (also for crewcab)
    - Opt. auxiliary heating with engine preheating, 7-day timer
    Safety locks in the doors, steering and ignition lock
    Driver information system (FIS) with status displays, event reports and menu-driven
    on-board diagnostics
    2-line indicator lamps, visual and acoustic warning indicators
    Opt. digital tachograph
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