Fuso Heavy FV54 Prime Mover

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  • Models: Heavy FV54 Prime Mover
    A 6x4 FV54 Std Roof PM 455hp Air Susp. 12 Sp. AMT (FV54SJR5VFAA)
    B 6x4 FV54 High Roof PM 455hp Air Susp. 12 Sp. AMT (FV54SJR5VFAB)
    Engine: FUSO OM457-T5 Diesel
    Power (DIN): 335kW @ 1900 rpm
    Torque (DIN): 2200Nm @ 1100 rpm
    Gearbox: FUSO Automated Manual G330-12 (INOMAT-II)
    GVM: 24,000kg
    GCM: 60,000kg
    Wheelbase: 3860mm
  • Engine Version: FUSO OM457-T5 Diesel
    Configuration: 6 Cyl. In-line OHV
    Type: Waste-gate Turbocharged with Air to Air Intercooled
    Displacement: 12 litre (11967cc)
    Bore: 128mm
    Stroke: 155mm
    Power (DIN): 335kW @ 1900 rpm
    Torque (DIN): 2200Nm @ 1100 rpm
    Maximum Engine Speed: 2100 rpm
    Cooling System / Oil Cooler: Water cooled, 32.0L capacity/ Plate type engine oil cooler
    Air Cleaner: Paper Element Type with Restrictor Indicator. Vertical Intake Mounted on Clean Air Side (RH)
    Emission Control: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    Emission Level: ADR 80/03 - Euro 5
  • Clutch Model: FUSO MFZ
    Type: Twin Plate
    Operation/Specification: Automated Manual (no clutch pedal)
  • Version: FUSO Automated Manual G330-12 (INOMAT-II)
    Type/Speeds: 12 Speed Automated Manual with Auto and Manual Modes
    Features: Crawler Mode Skip Shift Function for Light Loads ECO Mode to Minimise Fuel Usage
    Ratios: 1st: 11.639
    2nd: 9.020
    3rd: 7.035
    4th: 5.452
    5th: 4.400
    6th: 3.410
    7th: 2.645
    8th: 2.050
    9th: 1.599
    10th: 1.239
    11th: 1.000
    12th: 0.775
    RHigh: 9.900
    RLow: 12.774
    Torque limited to 1853Nm from 1st to 3rd and Reverse
    PTO Opening: Rear of Transmission
  • Axle Version: FUSO F090T
    Type: Reverse Elliot ''I'' Beam
    Capacity *: 7500kg
    Notes: *See MAX LOADING for vehicle capacity.
  • Type: Full Floating Hypoid Type Tandem Drive with Inter-Axle Diff Lock
    Axle Version: FUSO R12/D12
    Capacity*: 21600kg
    Ratio: 4.625:1
    Notes: *See MAX LOADING for vehicle capacities
  • Model: Single Main Shaft GW5E2200
    Inter-axle Shaft P12
  • Type: Long Taper Leaf with Double Acting Shock Absorbers
    Size: 1500x90mm Leaves
  • Type: Air Suspension
    Details: Trailing Arm with Air Dump Control and Double Acting Shock Absorbers
    Air Spring: 2x250mm dia
    Road Friendly Certification Number: RF2011
    Capacity at Ground *: 18000kg total*
    Notes: *See MAX LOADING for vehicle capacities
  • Type: Full Air, Dual Circuit with FUSO Taper Rollers, ABS plus ASR (Anti Slip Regulator)
    Size Front: 410x150mm
    Size Rear: 410x200mm
    Park Brake: Rear Wheel Spring Actuated
    Engine: Constant Throttle Brake 4 Levels of Retardation
    Trailer: Hand Control Valve, Air Lines
    Coupling and Electrical Cable
  • Type: Integral Ball and Nut
    Steering Column: Tilt/Telescopic Adjustable
  • Wheel Type: 11, Single Piece Alloy Disc (Including Spare)
    Wheel Size: 22.5x8.25DC
    Wheel Stud Pattern: 10x335mm PCD
    Tyre Size Front: 295/80R22.5 152/148
    Tyre Size Rear: 11R22.5 148/145
    Tyre Size Spare: 295/80R22.5 152/148
    Spare Tyre Carrier: Not Provided
  • Injection System: Electronically Controlled Unit Pump Injection
    Tank Type: Rectangular Alloy Tank with Locking Cap
    Fuel Capacity *: 350 Litres
    Filtration: Filter with Water Separator and Dash Indicator
    AdBlue Exhaust Fluid Capacity: 40 Litres, Tank fitted with locking AdBlue cap
    Speed Limiter: Speed Limited 100km/h
    Notes: *Max Fill to approx 95% of Air Capacity
  • Type: Reinforced Parallel Channel Rear of Chassis Tapered to Suit Tractor
    Size: 300x90x7.0mm
    Width: 840mm
    Tensile Strength: 540Mpa
  • Voltage: 24V Negative Ground
    Alternator Capacity: 24V-80 amp
    Starter Capacity: 24V-7.0kW
    Battery Capacity: 2x12V, 150Ah/20hr
    Battery Specification: 2x145G51 (N150)
    Headlamp Type: Halogen
    Headlamp Capacity: Low beam 2x70W
    High beam 2x70W
    Fog Light: Halogen
  • Standard Feature:
    Airbag(s) - Driver''s Air Bag and Seat Belt Pre-tensioners
    Hill Start System - Yes
    Cab Cooling & Heating - Climate Control
    Accessory Power - 24V Accessory Power Outlet / Cigar Lighter
    Driving - Suspended Driver ’s Seat
    - Central Locking
    - Electric Windows
    - Cruise Control (range 40 to 100km/h)
    - LH Transom Window
    - Opening Rear Quarter Glass
    - Cup Holder
    - Fluorescent Cabin Lamp
    - Trailer Package including Trailer "Stretch Brake"
    Storage - Centre Storage Console
    - Dash Storage Tray 2 DIN
    - Driver ’s Overhead Storage
    - Coat Hooks
    Cab: External - Fog Lights
    - Door Side Impact Beams
    - Roof Mounting Points (max. static load 70kg)
    - Front End-Outline Marker Lamps
    Chassis - Integrated Front Underrun System (FUPS)
    - Reverse Warning Buzzer
    - Clear Top of Chassis Rail for ease of Body Fitment
    Cabin Interior:
    Type - All Steel Forward Control Elec / Hyd Tilt Cab
    - Cab Structure ECE-R29 Standard
    - Mounting Air Suspended Front and Rear
    - Colour Natural White
    Windscreen Wipers - 2 Speed + Intermittent Cycle with Integrated Washer Nozzles
    Rear Vision Mirrors - 2 x External Flat Main Mirrors Plus Convex Spotters Motorised Main Mirrors, All Mirrors Heated
    Seating Capacity - 2
    Seat Belts - 2 Lap Sash
    Seat (driver) - Suspended (ISRI)
    Seats (passenger) - High Back Fixed Base
    Sleeping - ADR42/04 Approved Sleeping Berth
    Body Builders Note:
    Chassis reinforcement must be utilised for Tipper/Demountable type body configurations.
    To conform with ADR 13/00 (lighting requirements) the following must be adhered to at body installation.
    - If other than a flat type or tipper body is fitted, rear end out-line marker lamps must be installed.
    - If overall length exceeds 6.0 metres, side reflectors must be installed.
    - If overall length exceeds 7.5 metres, side marker lamps must be installed.
    To conform with ADR 42/04 (General Safety), rear wheel guards must be fitted to the vehicle.
    Basic/Powertrain 3 Years, 200,000kms or 4,000 operating hours (whichever occurs first)
    Cab Perforation/AntiCorrosion - 3 Years
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Fuso Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability

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